Grynsoft in 2016
January 3rd 2016

First of all, happy new year!

The Future
I wanted to make a brief post detailing what I'll be doing in the future. Now that Wings of Vi is finished and was fairly successful, I've been working on a new game. I've switched over to Unity as a development tool instead of Clickteam Fusion 2.5. When I was making Wings of Vi in the beginning phases, I wasn't too comfortable with traditional programming for such an ambitious project, so CF2.5 served as a gateway to allow me to develop my game design whilst still learning C# and Unity.

A New Game
I want to share a few details about my new project. It's still in it's early stages, but I've been working on it on and off ever since Wings of Vi was released. 
  • It's a platformer
  • It'll be challenging
  • It'll have a more complex combat system
  • It'll have a modular animation feel, akin to Rayman Legends
I also have a few key game design points:
  • More incremental progress, less complexity per encounter or puzzle.
    More encounters, but less new mechanics to learn means the game is still challenging, but doesn't seem overwhelming. A boss will still have a number of mechanics, but more fundamental ones and a few new ones introduced.
  • More focus on health
    How much health you have at any current point should matter. The game will have a new checkpoint system that achieves this. I want less getting hit once and restarting because of a single error. You will have ways to regain health at the cost of other resources and the like.
  • Non-linear path
    Wings of Vi has a few choices of where to go, but is overall very linear. I want to have more choices of where to go or how to tackle things, as well as more optional content akin to side quests.
  • Optional difficulty ingame
    While the game will most likely have a difficulty setting, alternative paths or methods of tackling encounters will be present to heighten the difficulty, and rewards for doing them.
I've been tweeting some of the graphics and mechanics over on my personal twitter.
I also want to remake the website, and make it more centered on my games and more simple to navigate, but that's lower on my priority.

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