In this 2D platformer, Roah is a young girl of a feared race on a far out planet. Although having evolved to be more tame, bloodlust still runs in their DNA, but Roah doesn't feel like a part of them and she wants to change the way the other inhabitants perceive them. On her adventure, a great unknown danger approaches their planet, one that only Roah senses. Follow Roah as she travels the world, trying to earn people's trust to uncover the mystery of what is draining their planets lifeforce.

With inspiration from Rayman Legends, An Untitled Story and a variety of classic adventure platformers, Roah will have a big open world with tons of new abilities to obtain. With its special checkpoint system, lethal death traps will feel less of a punishment compared to regular enemy encounters, and it'll smoothen out the gameplay experience as well as allowing for greater balance of difficulty throughout the world.

The intended audience will be people looking for a challenge, to the most hardcore of platformer lovers. With optional content and varying on-the-fly difficulty, you choose how far you want to take your adventure.

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♦ On-the-fly difficulty
You'll be able to make encounters harder within the context of the world, or take alternate routes with appropriate rewards.
♦ Engaging, FG-like combat
Customizable and combos, mechanically reminiscent of fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom.
♦ More, but simpler
More encounters, but less mechanics such that they don't feel overwhelming.

Work in Progress
Content subject to change.