Wings of Vi is a challenging 2D platformer in which you play as the angel Vi, tasked with defeating the Demon Lord JehOul after he is freed from captivity. Throughout her journey she must traverse dangerous worlds and fight countless hellspawn in order to discover where Jeh’Oul lurks and save the world from his demonic clutch.

The game takes inspiration from "Megaman", "Cave Story", and "Castlevania", along with a host of masochistic retro platformers, while cutting out the arbitrary difficulty of hidden traps and pixel-perfect jumps in favor of skill based gameplay. The game aims to capture the attention of the same core group of players as its spiritual precursor, "I Wanna be the Boshy", including the hardcore-platformer lovers and the speedrunning community, all while appealing to a broader audience through a variety of difficulty levels and modifiers.

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♦ Varied Difficulty Modes
The difficulty change the strength of enemies and bosses as well as the platforming.
♦ Obtain new skills
Feathers found along the way grant Vi additional powers such as double jumping, sliding, hovering and more.
♦ Unique bosses
Fierce and challenging bosses await within. Each with their own individual offensive capabilities and strategies.
♦ Diverse environments
Travel through beautiful and varied areas from heaven to earth, caves and castles.
♦ Unlock vanity items
Customize Vi with items from bosses you've slain and secrets you have found.
♦ Online Leaderboards
Compare your time with others around the world.

The Floating Keep, where the story begins. Vi fighting against the demon invasion. Finding a secret treasure chest, wonder what's inside? Fighting demons in the Underworld. Ascending the demonic library. Kratarac, a feared demon that digs massive tunnels. Pr'Gora, Myougi's pet and construction. Terravine, the terror of Sinister Grotto. The prison of the Acropolis of Anguish. Cute bunny outfit.