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Solgryn's Pokémon On Stream is a free application not affiliated with Nintendo made for streamers, allowing their viewers to catch, collect, battle & trade Pokémon live on stream! Whenever a Pokémon appears, 3 players are chosen to throw a Pokéball in hopes to catch it!

Trainer Sprites

    Gen 2.0 update
  • New generation 2 Pokémon!
  • New shiny Pokémon! Shiny Pokémon have increased chance to crit and dodge during battles. If you already have the Pokémon, Shiny pokémon "upgrade" the one you have to be shiny.
  • New command !attack pokemon, damage the wild mon to increase the catch chance, with a risk of it fainting.
  • New command !changeteam and redeem "Change Team": Change your team for custom team battles! Attacking will also use a random pokémon from your team.
  • Lures now always put the lurer first in queue to catch.
  • Animated Pokémon sprites!
  • Choose your trainer sprite from 68 different ones
  • New wild encounter themes.
  • New list of recent events on the website under a channel.
  • New custom battles (Shiny only, weak, random, team)
  • New settings for allowing bits & subs to trigger lures and/or ultraballs
  • Can now put "random" as the name to battle a random trainer from the channel.
  • New special/physical split.
  • New admin commands such as giving ultra balls and changing usernames.!
  • Transparency enabled for game capture
  • After a lure is done, the app will now resume time to spawn instead of resetting it.

You have an outdated version. (Update to v2.2.8)
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