Wings of Vi is a challenging and rewarding platformer in which it's up to a young and reckless angel named Vi to defeat Jeh'oul, lord of the underworld, who escaped from his captivity, and save the world from going under.

On her adventure she has to find the entrance to the demon lair, the place Jeh'Oul and his minions reside; as well as defeat the hordes of demons unleashed upon the world.

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All music in Wings of Vi is being composed by Ashton Morris.
Here are but a few samples of the tracks in the game:
The Floating Keep Terrestrial Vale Sinister Grotto Pr'Gora Electram Amethyst Dark Annihilator

"What are you using to develop Wings of Vi?"
Clickteam's Fusion 2.5

"When is Wings of Vi being released?"
It's a bit early to tell, but I'm hoping to release it around late Q3 2014. I'm developing this game in my free time as a hobby while studying computer science, so it may vary a lot depending on what's going on.

"How much will Wings of Vi cost?"
It's not completely determined yet but around $9.

"Will there be a mac and/or linux version?"
Unfortunately from the way things look now, there's no way to convert the game to mac or linux in the current development environment. It's possible to run the game using Wine or other such programs, though.

"Are you releasing more alpha versions?"
No, it was great to get a lot of feedback and it helped to shape the game, but I'm going to continue with internal testing. You can look forward to a demo in the future with some changes, though!

"When did you start developing?"
July 2012, the game has changed dramatically since then. After half a year or so I remade the whole game in the art style and engine it's in today.

"Who made the music?"
The music in Wings of Vi is composed by Ashton Morris.

"Are these all the characters?"
No, I am still adding artwork as I make it, check my blog to be kept updated.